Trail Information


Don't Trespass!

The Garrett County Snowdrifters Club would like to remind ALL snowmobilers that we do not own any property or trails. It is a privilege to ride on someone else's property! As a snowmobiler you must recognize that landowners and the general public judge snowmobilers, and our club, based upon how YOU interact with them. We should be courteous, helpful, friendly, and respectful toward anyone we meet along the trail, especially those NOT on a snowmobile.

Please review the snowmobiler's Code of Ethics.

Public Trail & Safety Information

Deep Creek Hydro would like to remind everyone that intake structure at the dam is a very dangerous place in any season. Ice or not - stay clear of this area.

Ice Thickness and Strength for Various Loading Conditions
Guidelines from the US Army Corps of Engineers

Members Trail Information

Available in the Members Area of our website.

Snowmobiling in Maryland

Don't forget...
- Maryland requires a current ORV sticker to ride the Lake or State trails.
- Garrett County requires a current PERMIT for county road access.


Ride Garrett County
Purchasing an ATV/Snowmobile annual permit allows you to legally ride up to 2 miles on county maintained roadways for easy access to trails.

Garrett County Roads Maintenance Map
Map of county maintained roads

Off-Road Vehicle Use On Maryland's Public Lands
Offical information about Maryland ORV permits and State Trails

COMAR Regulations and Maps (pdf)
Code of Maryland Regulations for Snowmobiles

Maryland Landowners

Understanding Landowner Liability and Recreational Access in Maryland - EB357 (pdf)
Publication from University of Maryland Cooperative Extension explaining Maryland laws relating to landowner liability and trespass, and the safeguards that minimize liability, so that you can make informed decisions regarding the use of your land by others for recreational activities.

Know the Facts - Maryland's recreational statute (pdf)
In addition to spelling out Maryland's recreational statute this brochure also outlines the benefits of organized snowmobiling in Garrett County.

Multiple Use Trails For Winter Recreation - Facts and Myths about Snowmobiling (pdf)
The American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) provides national leadership and Coordination to advance the efforts of all organizations who promote responsible snowmobiling across the United States.

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